We Will Wear Armor in the Future: Lampshaded

There’s a MACO petty officer in chapter four named Gordon Freeman. Soldiers at the Rear: OS2. Kybok specifically tried to avoid getting posted anywhere near the front lines because his father was driven insane by the Dominion War. Stealth in Space: The first three chapters combine Star Trek cloaking devices and their known flaws from the shows with misdirection. Brokosh gets a fleet of Birds of Prey into the Sol system to attack Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards by having his own BoP the mupwI’ generate an oversize warp field to pretend to be a Starfleet battleship. This mostly hides the minor fluctuations produced by the other BoPs using cloaks at warp (DS 9: “The Search, Part I”) in the interference. One BoP has to fall out of the formation due to reactor trouble and is spotted because of a gravitic anomaly it’s giving off (implied to be the Artificial Gravity). Its captain chooses to blow away the shuttle that picked it up, blowing the KDF’s cover (but not soon enough to do any good). Surprise Pregnancy: A one shot MACO named Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Haellh mentions to Admiral Riker that she’s six weeks pregnant. Another MACO, Petty Officer Freeman, complains about her not saying anything, but Haellh says she herself only found out a few hours earlier. Trading Bars for Stripes: Norigom was conscripted from Rura Penthe. Meromi is likewise a conscripted criminal, a former member of an arms dealing ring that was broken up by Imperial Security. When she was caught and subdued by Ba’woV while hiding out in the basement of the Chel’toK estate http://ronpajaklcsw.com/?p=2053, Ba’woV convinced Chel’toK to offer Meromi a deal: She gives them five years’ service, she gets a full pardon and citizenship and they don’t hand her over to Imperial Security, who quite literally want her head. We Will Wear Armor in the Future: Lampshaded. Norigom is described as clanking his way onto the mupwI’s bridge, and Brokosh has no idea why he goes everywhere in corroded durasteel armor. Wrench Wench: Ba’woV serves aboard the mupwI’ as chief engineer, and part of the reason Brokosh started dating her is that she was fun to talk shop with. You Are The Translated Foreign Word: Brokosh expositing on Chel’toK’s feelings on him marrying Ba’woV. “Not right, having a member of the kuve, the servitor races, getting into a position where he might someday get to be head of the House.”

Want to separate those who didn’t watch 30 minutes of the trial from those who watched the entire thing? read their comments or listen to the remarks. This includes the grossly stupid clowns we have in our media. Those who haven’t watched more than 30 minutes of the trial still ignorantly talk about irrelevant issues like ‘stalking,following, hunting”, ‘getting out of his truck’, ‘college classes’, ‘being Hispanic’, etc. Those who have watched most, if not, all of the trial talk about what was in Zimmerman’s mind when he pulled the trigger. That is all that matters. The liberal media and the Hispanic haters (one in the same in some cases) have to have Zimmerman be white, he has to be a racist, he has to have ‘stalked’ Martin or ‘hunted him down like a dog’, and they have to have Martin be an innocent Skittles/Arizona Ice Tea carrying 13 year old (most people do not know that Lean which is a mixture of Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea, and codeine, is a dangerous mixture that killed Pimp C, a rapper there is no evidence that Martin, who used drugs, bought that particular combination of products to make Lean but it is possible).

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