They're stuck in near Earth space

Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future: the Vacuumorphs, exoskeletal Humans that are used as living space scouting probes that have all of their vulnerable parts sealed up so they can survive the natural elements of outer space without the need of a ship. And its never mentioned that anyone from Earth retrieves them. In other words Vacuumorphs are cursed to stay in high orbit without any way of directly seeing or communicating with the outside universe (except through their surgically attached planetary surveying equipment) and are (presumably) forced to consume nothing but their own recycled natural waste until finally accidentally falling towards and burning up in a random planet’s atmosphere. They cannot even travel through space it is stated that are high orbit space ship engineers only. Their bodies cannot operate or even survive in gravity at all and that includes the artificial gravity of an accelerating space ship. They’re stuck in near Earth space.

Averted most of the time in LittleBigPlanet: All collectibles (Score and Prize Bubbles, and Player Enhancements) obey the physics engine (though a level creator can simulate this trope by attaching String to a bubble; used frequently), as well as nearly all Materials, Decorations, Gameplay Elements, and of course Sackboy. except for one single material: Dark Matter. No, not the stuff science tells you about. This kind of Dark Matter is easily visible, fully touchable, and floats. Not just regular old floating (you’re thinking Floaty Materials there), Dark Matter is literally anchored in place. It just doesn’t move. It can’t be destroyed, it won’t move if attached to something (though things attached to it do move if it’s like a Piston or something as the connector), and no amount of force can change its position. The only thing that can move it? Sackboy’s Popit Cursor (and only in Create Mode). Before patch 1.07 was released, it was possible to change the texture of a material without changing its properties (though the glitch is now fixed). You would have to make an object the size you want with the desired properties, use the Horrible Gas Tool on it, then Material Changer it to the desired texture (the material you wanted to show), then delethalize it. Grabbable Wood, a piece of Dark Matter that responded to a Motor Bolt, you name it. This video of a level appropriately named “What’s the Matter?” takes the glitch to its fullest. Now, the only way to make regular Materials float this way is to glue them to Dark Matter. Still works, but not as cool looking.

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