The masked hero turns out to be Twilight

The Crash franchise has a long history of crossing over with the Spyro the Dragon games. Their initial developers, Insomniac and Naughty Dog have been close allies for years. They worked on Spyro and Crash literally right next to each other, in the same room. Jak and Daxter and Ratchet Clank have a similar relationship for the same reason.

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Replica Stella McCartney bags Everybody Did It: A downplayed version. The masked hero turns out to be Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy using their various talents to outdo Rainbow Dash, while Rarity provided the costumes. Handbag of Hurt: Granny Smith’s reaction to Rainbow Dash providing her with unsolicited help crossing a street. Fair Play Whodunit: There are deliberate clues throughout the episode to Mare Do Well’s identity, though it does require some knowledge of the series continuity to puzzle out correctly Replica Stella McCartney bags.