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Character Development: This episode has Sisko declaring his love for Bajor, along with his intention to build a house there once the war is over. Quite a long way from the man who was treating the posting at Deep Space 9 as just another assignment. Chekhov’s Gun: Morn visiting his mother. Darkest Hour: The Federation learns the minefield will soon come down, allowing a massive Dominion fleet to come through the wormhole. Lacking the time for additional Starfleet ships or Klingon support to arrive, Sisko has no choice but to take a limited fleet into battle. Death or Glory Attack: Discussed by Admiral Ross and Sisko. The plan to retake DS9 will either give the Federation the initiative in the war, put the Dominion on the defensive, and eliminate the threat of further reinforcements from the wormhole or it will cost every ship they have and likely spell all out defeat for the Federation. Field Promotion: Nog goes from Cadet to Ensign after spending months on the front lines. O’Brien jokes (though not really) he didn’t know the war was going that badly. Foreshadowing: Damar tells Ziyal that her father knows the alliance with the Dominion is a dangerous one, and if Cardassia shows any weakness, they will become the Dominion’s scapegoats. This is what eventually happens in Season 7. While talking with Ross, Sisko voices his desire to build a home on Bajor, which will be revisited in Season 7. The Female Changeling tells Weyoun that Odo is the only thing that matters to them, more than the entire Alpha Quadrant. Gondor Calls for Aid: Sisko’s plan hinges on Klingon involvement, but Gowron is reluctant to commit so many ships when they’re having trouble defending their own territory.

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