Shirtless Scene: Young Nurarihyon is naked from the torso up

Jade Empire has three potential love interests: childhood friend Dawn Star, Rebellious Princess Silk Fox and Gentleman Rogue Sky. While Dawn Star is only available for male characters (though female characters can still have a sismance with her), Silk Fox and Sky are available for both genders and a male character can even potentially end up with both Dawn Star and Silk Fox. In order to have a same sex relationship though, you first have to make it absolutely clear to the heterosexual options that you are not interested (which pretty much means you have to insult them). If you have successfully built up approval with your love interest, you are treated to a Big Damn Kiss right before the endgame kicks in. The same sex versions of the kiss are censored though.

Wholesale Replica Bags Compare with Useless Useful Spell, which deals with skills and spells that deal status effects in RPGs, and Tier Induced Scrappy. Contrast with Joke Item, which is an intentionally weak or useless weapon or item, So Last Season, where a weapon that was good for what it did is replaced by a newer, better one, and With This Herring, which is about deliberately being given poor (albeit usable) equipment by the important NPCs when the fate of the world is at stake. Particularly sucks in the original NES games, especially if you had the Holy Water or Boomerang. Someone on the dev team apparently noticed, since in later games the Dagger’s low damage is usually offset by making it the cheapest subweapon to use, and sometimes giving it a semiautomatic rate of fire. Wholesale Replica Bags

replica goyard handbags Sealed Evil in a Can: When Hagoromo Gitsune the seals in Kyoto, she manages to uncover many yokai that were imprisoned by them, who then join her army. She’s a can herself, considering she contains a nue. Also somewhat inverted with Karasu tengu in Chapter 154. Ship Tease: Rikuo and Tsurara has a few of them, but chapter 136 in particular is really strong, Rikuo appears to pick her up while it was snowing and share an umbrella together, and there are romantic other moments. Shirtless Scene: Young Nurarihyon is naked from the torso up while fighting against Hagoromo Gitsune. Rikuo also does this in his fight against Tsuchigumo Stalker With a Crush: Sort of. Rikuo’s grandfather did watch Rikuo’s grandmother for a while from the shadows, eventually falling for her and deciding to marry her despite her being human and him being a youkai. And theoretically Tsurara, but she follows him because she is Rikuo’s bodyguard, so it’s more a case of Subordinate Excuse. Snakes Are Sexy: Averted with Hebidayu’s human like form. Storming the Castle: Rikuo and the Nura clan marches on Nijou Castle in chapter 117. Subordinate Excuse / Bodyguard Crush: Tsurara suffers a bad case of this. Super Powered Evil Side: Subverted. Demon Rikuo is simply a bit more Hot Blooded and more mature than Human Rikuo. Surprisingly Good English: The second opening has flawless English, as well as an impressive amount of rhyming considering their singing another language. Take Me Instead: Torii offers herself to save her friend Saori from being turned into a youkai. However, her plan backfires when the bad guy tells her that she will be the one who will devour Saori. Talking Is a Free Action: What works in the manga becomes very obvious in the anime as characters talk right through battles with formidable opponents. Too Dumb to Live: Humans. Even when heads start flying, they still have no sense of self preservation. The ones in chapter 162 also have no qualms about video taping and mocking what they think (and are correct in thinking) is a youkai, but that’s more What an Idiot replica goyard handbags.