She reads manga from time to time and has been known to follow

Description: Respect The White Belt is an aspiring linguist who is a sophomore in high school. She is currently enrolled in both Spanish and French classes, leading her to be dubbed Luz and Claude, respectively. She is aware that Claude is a men’s name in America, but it is a unisex name in France. The name Fritz was bestowed upon her by her friends who discovered she was trying to teach herself German. They were unaware it was a men’s name.Respect The White Belt likes gaming on her PS3, Wii, and occasionally her NES. She likes both retro games and the bleeding edge, super advanced new games. She reads manga from time to time and has been known to follow Bleach, Naruto, and a few other series religiously, but she doesn’t read scans, so she doesn’t like discussing them because she runs the risk of reading spoilers. She is a fan of the TV shows House and Bones, and her favorite movies include Kill Bill, Little Miss Sunshine, Fight Club, and The Dark Knight.

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