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Hillary Clinton was the subject of lots of speculation. She is notoriously unpopular with the progressive blogosphere. She is the subject of endless posts that are critical of pretty much everything about her. There was an initial situation which caused confusion about whether she would attend a breakout schedule in addition to the Presidential Forum. When it was all said and done, she packed the room. Many people expected there to be boos. (There was a moment of booing, but it was when she proclaimed that she was a Cubs fan. She followed it up with “Hey, I’ve still got the t shirt that says ‘No Lights at Wrigley’, so it was a nice recovery.) Having been an intern at the White House and having encountered her on numerous occasions, I expected her to win many people over. The end result is that she showed herself to be self deprecating, incredibly knowledgeable, and willing to take on some of her harshest critics in the Party. Overall, I’d say she comes out a winner.

Formally Named Pet: Mr. Fluffycuddles; Nick’s pet raccoon. Giant Enemy Crab: Girlish Pigtails: Jacquline after her Traumatic Haircut Green Eyes: Raeka, Nick, Raeka’s dad. Groin Attack: Jacquline to Austin after she finds out he was lying about being her brother. Highly Visible Ninja: Lyonel qualifies. Icy Blue Eyes: Austin Kid Samurai: Raeka Little Miss Badass: Raeka qualifies for this trope. Magical Girl: Princess Raeka including obligatory transformation scene. Mood Whiplash: Any time Fawdry and his gang appear. Several massive ones appear in chapter 6. Seeing a dead body that may or may not be Lyonel’s brother and then an inspirationl rainbow New Powers as the Plot Demands: Often, if not always, Raeka is bestowed with abilities via magical items; some of which are reminiscent of the Zelda games. Noble Savage: Lyonel’s tribe who see The Jungle Book. Oo Cis Serious Business: Raeka starts acting oddly in chapter 6. Everyone notices. Oddly Visible Eyebrows: Invoked due to art style but most noticeable on male characters and Nick, averted for Master of Parade Balloon Animals. Overly Long Name: Master of Parade Balloon Animals, most people just shorten it to Balloon Lady. Parental Abandonment: Jacquline’s mom due to her abusive husband. Power Dyes Your Hair: Part of Raeka’s Power Makeover. Power Makes Your Hair Grow: Also part of Raeka’s Power Makeover. Punny Name: Itchyknee san Rapunzel Hair: Raeka as part of her Power Makeover and Jacquline before her Traumatic Haircut Royals Who Actually Do Something: The titular Samurai Princess: Raeka. Her parents also seem to do more than sit in the palace doing nothing. Scary Shiny Glasses: Fawdry Shout Out: To,, and one long shout out to. Just to name a few. Silent Snarker: Mr Fluffycuddles The Power of Friendship: Itchyknee san and Master of Parade Balloon Animals are taught a lesson in honour and grace. Three Amigos!: Raeka, Jacquline and Lyonel Token Mini Moe: Jacquline is very much the the mini moe. Tomboy Princess: Princess Raeka is of the Tomboyand Girly Girl combination variety. Trolling Creator: When Jacquline fell off the cliff side the artist talked about how she has just finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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