She accused Prince of domestically abusing her (though this

back to the future with the tea party

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wholesale replica handbags She is also a contentious figure, sparking controversy after she refused to have the US National Anthem performed at her concerts (Frank Sinatra was very offended). She accused Prince of domestically abusing her (though this was later patched up), she made certain comments against people who criticized her shaved head. but she is probably most notorious for ripping up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live in 1992 to protest child abuse in the Catholic church. Yes, that's right, O'Connor single handedly unleashed the wrath of virtually every Catholic in the Western world, and she will officially Never Live It Down. While she does not regret her actions, she did state in an interview that she wished it wouldn't have inspired that knee jerk reaction and instead have had more of an impact toward ending the actual abuse. And she also attracted negativity regardless of herself from Madonna, who, according to Sinead, in her own words, said, “that I look like I had a run in with a lawnmower and that I was about as sexy as a Venetian blind.” wholesale replica handbags.