Not to mention you have a non anthropomorphic cat in the same

Steamboat Willie contains examples of the following tropes: Angrish: This is pretty much the only “dialogue” Pete gets when he first catches Mickey goofing off. Barefoot Cartoon Animal: It’s unclear if Pete is this, or if he’s just wearing black boots. Black Comedy Animal Cruelty: This is the most famous example in the early Mickey Mouse cartoons; it includes a sow played like an accordion, a cat having its tail pulled and then swung around, and a goose squeezed like a bagpipe. Bootstrapped Leitmotif: The chorus to Steamboat Willie has naturally become a theme for Mickey, and Disney in general. The Bad Guy Wins: And puts a dismayed Mickey to work peeling potatoes. Though it should be noted that Pete isn’t so much a malicious villain in this case, and more just a grumpy captain fed up with a crewmember who keeps goofing off instead of working. Compressed Adaptation: The Emoji retelling, due to only being a minute long, heavily steamlines the basic plot (what little there is anyway) and excises the entire ending. Extreme Omni Goat: The goat eats sheet music and a ukulele, then is able to play music afterwards like a phonograph. Furry Confusion: Perhaps seeing a three foot mouse swing a cat around by its tail is some form of twisted justice. Not to mention you have a non anthropomorphic cat in the same cartoon as Pete. Genre Busting iSophagus: The goat, which becomes a living phonograph as a result of eating Minnie’s sheet music and ukulele. Kick the Dog: A rare example of someone doing this several times and still being the protagonist. Mickey Mousing: The Trope Maker, though Ur Examples do exist in some form; silent cartoons did have musical scores (which would have to be played by a piano player in the movie theater) and characters would often move to the beats, but not to the same extent. Moral Dissonance and No Animals Were Harmed: It’s not okay to abuse animals just so you can make music anymore. Granted, it wasn’t exactly OK for Mickey either. Panty Shot: A very extended one at that. Peeling Potatoes: Mickey’s punishment for slacking off so much is getting thrown in a room of potatoes. Pop Cultural Osmosis: The first scene where Mickey is seen steering the steam boat is far more famous than the rest of the cartoon. Most people know that “Steamboat Willie” launched Mickey Mouse as a superstar, but the amount of people who actually saw this cartoon from beginning to end is much lower. Prehensile Tail: Mickey uses it to pick up a hammer so he can use it to play a barrel like a drum and bang the trash can at the same time. Rubber Hose Limbs: As is typical of 1920s American cartoons. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Minnie has eyelashes and a flower in her hat.

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