Nevertheless, many of the episodes are obviously based on

Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons were popular stuff of legend of medieval Northern Europe; however the details of the story vary considerably especially the number and names of the sons. Nevertheless, many of the episodes are obviously based on history: Ragnar may be inspired by a certain viking warlord Reginer who sacked Paris in 845, Ivar the Boneless is modelled on a certain “Hinguar”note A Latinization of “Ingvar”, Ivar for short. who, together with his brothers, invaded England in 865, and the Ragnarssons’ foray to the South mirrors a real life viking invasion of the Mediterranean that occurred in 859 862. Altogether, the saga is cleverly stitched between the age of legend and history the Ragnarssons are descended from mythic heroes, they are also (supposedly) the ancestors of the historical royal houses of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. For more, sometimes conflicting material on the tale of Ragnar, see book 9 of Gesta Danorum, Krkuml, and The Tale of Norna Gest.

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