Mind Screw: Watch it a few times

Despair Event Horizon: Glen loses it when Chucky kills Tiffany. Dinky Drivers: It actually comes into play. Disproportionate Retribution: Tiffany disembowels Redman when Jennifer Tilly states that Redman may have caused her to become pregnant. She also kills the nanny when she belittles her daughter, even though she has been doing terrible things. Don’t Explain the Joke: Chucky and “Glen” are out joyriding http://www.smuleadershipsymposium.com/2013/03/26/briefcase-full-of-money-featured-in-the-pilot-episode/, when Chucky runs Britney Spears off the road. This would’ve been a lot funnier if every trailer didn’t contain the disclaimer “Britney Spears Does Not Appear In This Movie” in big bold letters. Ethnic Menial Labour: Jennifer hires a Mexican nanny for her twins at the end. Even Evil Has Standards: “Paparazzi scumbag!” The scene where Glenda’s persona reveals herself. Chucky while most of the movie trying to make his kid become a killer, is extremely freaked out by Glenda’s insanity. Evil Twin: Jennifer gives birth to twins Glen and Glenda. Glen is said to be “an angel”, while Glenda is rotten. The Family That Slays Together: Chucky (father), Tiffany (mother), and Glen(da) (child) kill people together, though Glen(da) isn’t really into it like his/her parents are. Final Girl: Jennifer Tilly. Subverted in that Tiffany successfully takes over Miss Tilly’s body at the end. Gratuitous Japanese: Spoken by Glen/Glenda. Apparently justified by his doll being made in Japan. Jekyll Hyde: Glen is Jekyll and Glenda is Hyde. Mind Screw: Watch it a few times. Most of it still won’t make much sense. Chucky: That’s it! Everybody just shut up! This is nuts!

Some Eighteenth century people believed that reason and science are good and therefore things would just go on improving forever. This optimism characterized a period that came to be known as the Age of Enlightenment. At the end of this period, mass movements in America and France, and the Industrial Revolution in England, changed the world forever, making people realize that society in the 19th Century was the first that could conceive itself to be radically different from the past. This led to a sense of disillusionment and alienation began to spread, and the Romanticist movement rose up as a backlash. Romanticists believed that the advances made by the Enlightenment were creating an oppressive, and conformist society and that science and rationality could never hope to truly understand the world and the human personality and that the modern world’s progress came at the price of cherished values from the distant past which was slowly dying out. Though the Enlightenment and Romanticist movements are long gone, the general ideas behind each the dialectic, if you will survives to this present day.

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