Lilies, sunflowers, birds of paradise, roses, these floral

Formally, too, they work as exhaustive exercises in the delicate art of color composition. Lilies, sunflowers, birds of paradise, roses, these floral images float against flat, monochrome backgrounds enhanced with cut outs and stencils that contrast their natural beauty, with quiet irony, with cultural icons of the contemporary world: the silhouettes of cityscapes, for example, or images that seem to reference the familiar excesses of the art market. In a nod to Manet and perhaps, to this viewer, to the meditative serenity of Buddhist practice one quartet of paintings depicts the lovely form of lotus blossoms and the outline of lily pads, seen directly from above; and beneath, or perhaps more accurately behind them, as though in the water of a pond, lurk the barely discernable forms of variegated koi fish.

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