I’m starting to (almost) get paranoid about our government

This is scary politics and for anyone to justify this, is insane. I’m starting to (almost) get paranoid about our government, I probably would blur my face to. I’ll share the info, just don’t bother me or set me up for any IRS audits later (or worse). I’ve read other blogs and news reports where the dems are so concerned w/ that D at the end of the name, they’ll defend this guy to the end.

Replica bags As for Gov. Walker, he is following the confrontational tea partyesque play book by taking the budget fight to the public square rather than bargain in good faith with public unions. Everyone is aware of the economic catastrophe afflicting Wisconsin and many mid Western states, mostly because of deindustrialization, bank failures, foreclosures and bankruptcies. Now is the time to ensure that the public sector sustains services education, public hospitals and infrastructure and commitments to retirees. Might that mean reasonable budget cuts and tax increases? Of course, and those should be carefully considered and decided. But, hard charging, self appointed “saviors” of the public weal like Walker only make a bad situation worse, reminding voters that breaking unions remains a longstanding article of faith on the right. Replica bags

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