He then freezes with a terrified look on his face

Aluminum Christmas Trees: Lampshaded with a bootleg action figure of Dude Love. Some non British fans are surprised to find out that Noseybonk was a real character from a British children's television show and not just some horror creature he devised. Same thing with the Game Child. Yes, it was indeed a real knockoff of the Game Boy, although Stuart's description in The Quest for the Game Child is significantly exaggerated, particularly in regard to the fact that it was supposedly radioactive. Lampshaded during the actual review of the Game Child when he states, “Yes, we didn't make it up for the hilarious narrative purposes of the film. This is an actual ripoff that was sold to the shops.” During the hilarious “violin history” on the box of the Chinese electronic violin, he wonders what the child of a violin and a piano would be. Leonardo da Vinci's “Viola Organista” would probably have been a better answer than “accordion”. In the Doctor Who LCD Adventure Game review, he's baffled about a stage where the Wire, an energy being living in the television network is escaping in a car. except that in the episode the level of the game is based on, the Wire does exactly that, being inside a 50s style portable TV. Ambiguous Syntax: Mentioned in his review of Human Killing Machine: is it about a human who is a killing machine, or a machine that kills humans? And I Must Scream: In the second episode of Ashen's Tech Dump, he reviews three (thankfully fictional) games, one of which is known as Vinnie the Vole's Existential Nightmare, which made for huge amounts of nightmare fuel when Ashen found out the game consists entirely of the titular Vole wandering around a dark, plain square room. He then freezes with a terrified look on his face, then runs from side to side making a beeping noise supposed to be screaming, then runs into the corner, holds a gun to his head, closes his eyes and the screen goes black after a dull electronic pffut sound is heard. YOUR FAULT The game has been defictionalized, including a ZX Spectrum homebrew flavor. On his website's forum, Ashen revealed a Facebook message he read on the Vinnie Vole fanpage:”There should be a Vinnie board game. As soon as you open the box, there will be a slip of paper that kindly informs you that 'YOUR ACTIONS HAVE DAMNED VINNIE'.”

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