He suffers from body dysmorphia as a result

Ambiguously Gay: Oh, so much. He frequently lampshades this. There is a very good reason for the ambiguity though: Bi the Way: Shane came out publicly as bisexual in July of 2015. Amicable Exes: He and Garrett Watts are very friendly and supportive of each other. The same thing can be said for him and Lisa Schwartz. The Missus and the Ex: Garrett similarly gets along with Ryland. And a Diet Coke: Shane can be seen drinking diet soda in nearly all of his tasting videos, no matter how many calories are already in the food he’s eating. Bish Has been mistaken for a woman numerous times. Beautiful All Along: He used to be enormously fat, then lost all the weight. He suffers from body dysmorphia as a result, however, and does not see himself as attractive. Black Best Friend: Shanna definitely qualifies. Breakout Character: Shane’s boyfriend Ryland Adams. He went from appearing in the background for a few seconds reacting to Shane’s antic to having entire videos dedicated to their relationships and then began to appear prominently in Shane’s other videos (food tasting, Weird Side of YouTube, Life Hack, product trying and even some Creepy videos). Ryland’s own channel has more subscribers than Garrett despite not being a professional YouTuber and has significantly less videos. Antonia Marquee from “Paying Strangers to do Weird Things”. The song she wrote for Shane is so popular with fans that he requested her for two more songs and made two of them into music videos. Camp Straight: He would have us believe so, but he’s actually bisexual. Camp Gay: His boyfriend Ryland zigzags in and out of this trope constantly. Shane, for his part, seems to encourage Ryland to fit this trope. Cats Are Mean: Frequently jokes that Cheeto is plotting to kill him. Continuity Cavalcade: “” the song that Antonia wrote for Shane, contained numerous reference to his previous videos and books. “You Didn’t Glow Up”, Ryland’s diss track against him, took this Up to Eleven with additional references to Shane’s podcast, movie and Running Gag. Covers Always Lie: Uses misleading thumbnails for his videos to generate views, and he makes no pretenses of it, doing three faux dramatic videos about it, leading into thumbnail filming compilations. Darker and Edgier: Shane has done a few videos on darker subjects, such as one about deaths on live TV, where he notably speaks in a much calmer tone than usual. Disappeared Dad: Unfortunately. He occasionally ties this in to a moral. Erotic Eating: Shane moans a lot while tasting food http://www.walltorp.com/while-giving-an-interview-to-hello-magazine/, though it sometimes occurs even when he’s just anticipating it. Formerly Fat: Lost a lot of weight. Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Played for LaughsIf by song, you mean hearing ‘Fat piece of shit! fat piece of shit!’ then yeah, that was. Shane: (referring to Loren Beech) Wait till you’re 18, girl. (whispers) It’s coming up.

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