Gay and pro LGBT priests often cannot stand up against these

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Replica Valentino bags Stories like these are intensely personal for me. I’m a musician and former Catholic who, like Fischer, was dismissed for (in my case) being married to my soulmate simply because that person is another man. I know dozens of wonderful, dedicated, talented LGBT musicians serving the Catholic Church as organists, music directors, liturgists, cantors, choir members, and teachers. Al Fischer’s story could happen tomorrow to any one of them. I also know dozens more kind, compassionate, gay priests who understand that their church is out of touch and protect their LGBT employees as best they can, as the priest at St. Ann Parish appears to have done. Gay and pro LGBT priests often cannot stand up against these injustices unless they are prepared to face the very real risk of being silenced, fired, or moved by their bosses, the bishops (who also control their retirement plans, by the way). Replica Valentino bags

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