For season 6, there's Wisconsin Woodchuck's questionable crane

Slasher Smile: D’anclaude, although Naomi Armitage can sport a pretty vicious one as well. Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence Small Girl, Big Gun Space Western: Some aspects, in that country music is a part of the plot and Mars is very much a frontier colony (which probably contributes to Kelly Mccanon’s appeal).

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Replica bags Some standout examples: S Aqua Logging’s various logging boats. Shelby’s forklift, the log dog, or his (pre overhaul) jet boat. For season 6, there’s Wisconsin Woodchuck’s questionable crane. Captain Existence Failure: Jimmy Smith lost his battle with cancer and died shortly after the filming of season 6 finished. Bad Ass Grandpa: Craig Rygaard may be over 60 but quickly recovers from being knocked over by a swinging loader Replica bags.