Fanservice: Remember the dress she wore to the 1995 Emmy

This also applies to any thrown objects or projectiles such as heartbeat sensors and grenades. Anyone who has wasted a heartbeat sensor as Vassili, or who has gibbed themselves as Nader/Fragger/etc. on a teammate will have a lot to say about this particular element of the game. Camera Perspective Switch: Your character switches to a third person view when incapacitated.

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And Nitrine is hit with this again when her Spirit Advisor turns out to be the Excrementor elemental. Chekhov’s Gunman: The penguin thief was the indirect cause of a whole story arc, as explained in the commentary on that page. Cheshire Cat Grin: Pretty much Zintiel’s default expression. If she’s not wearing one, she’s either asleep or something has gone wrong.

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