Expy: Several of the planes one can fly look suspiciously

Look at the above chart: Remember that Class C networks normally have 24 Network bits and 8 host bits. What this means is that the first 24 bits of the IP address constitute the network and the last 8 bits are used for individual hosts. It’s probably easier to look at an example. Let’s take a network like Already we can tell it is a Class C address because the first octet range for class C is 192 223. We also know that the usual subnet mask for class C is That means the last octet we can use for host addresses. We do this by stealing host bits from the last octet. What this does is creates 2 network addresses with roughly half the number of available hosts. So as long as you didn’t need any more than 126 hosts on either of the networks, you will be able to get away with this strategy.

Egopolis: Fuseli, Eltsina, Islo, and Kadath. Endless Game Everyone Is Bi: A stereotype of the Court of Violets. Even if not true, new Courtiers do feel some pressure to try and experience everything, so it wouldn’t be surprising. Expy: Several of the planes one can fly look suspiciously similar to actual planes. G Rated Drug: Catnip Global Currency Hidden Agenda Villain: The Hidden Fleet. Metagame: Player created tools have been created to allow players to plan their ships and their designs. Also most trade routes can be planned out well in advance for maximizing profit with simple, if prolonged mathematics. More Dakka: Autocannons Nice Hat: The Azure League is known for this trope. Player Versus Player: Averted. The only ways for players to directly influence one another are via economic measures, or the influence game. Purely Aesthetic Gender: Or Purely Aesthetic Species. Random Encounters Randomly Drops: Gunmods Serious Business: The influence war. Shout Out: The games creators have noted that their main influences were the TaleSpin television series and the sporadic play which they found while playing EVE Online. Sky Pirates: The game’s name is a portmanteau of the trope, but despite the name, actual pirating does not occur by the main characters. Played straight with the Random Encounters that one meets during their travels, and the Pirate Faction. The fluff makes the players out to be privateers and “sky pirates” though. Very few pirate characters ever show up; those that do either have Plot Armor like Remy, or are either Noble Demon/The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything types. Status Quo Is God: No matter how many times you run a mission or shoot down NPCs, the enemy never seems to run out of ships, men or equipment. Once the Hidden Fleet had taken control of a skyland, it was almost impossible to take it back. Only one or two skylands were ever recaptured, and even then, they fell again. Unobtainium: Called Unobtainium, it is portrayed as Green Rocks as a trade good, and is also used in roleplay and player discussion as a reason for hard to explain occurrences, jokingly or otherwise. Vehicular Combat We Buy Anything: Averted the market is almost exclusively player driven. World in the Sky: some two hundred years before the game’s setting was the Great War http://sarkcelerator.com/2013/09/21/alternate-continuity-to-every-season-that-came-before-it/, which resulted in the apocalyptic Great Upheaval that created the skylands and flooded the surface. The gravitational forces holding the skylands aloft are also tearing them apart, requiring the unobtainium derived skystone to maintain stability. Zeppelins from Another World.

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